“Photographs are a reflection of the real world, and they will always be based in realism. I like when the normal becomes abnormal; when it transforms into something special.” 

Venice-based artist Kensuke Koike (b.1980, Japan) de-constructs and re-configures vintage photographs and postcards to create sculptural works with a surrealist playfulness. Using found objects creates a dynamic way of working, as although he experiments with many prototypes initially, there is only one chance to work with the original photograph. This element of risk is important to the Koike’s transformation of the images. The use of found images in combination with the handcrafted formation of the works feels nostalgic for a vintage era, whilst the videos taken and shared digitally show his interest in contemporary ways of working. Koike introduces a performative element to his practice through his exhibiting of both the processes and final works, which is important to understand both the humour and reverence with which he creates his vision.

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