“Many different layers overlap; the visible, the invisible, what we think we should see, what we know, what we feel with our five senses and sometimes our sixth. In this layered world, I started to feel pain and sorrow more vividly, but also beauty and happiness.”

Fine art photographer Miho Kajioka (b. 1973, Japan) creates ethereal, minimalist work that draws on the Japanese tradition of “wabi-sabi” – the appreciation of beauty in imperfection and transience, and the Zen/Taoist belief that the essence (true nature) of an object exists in the empty space inside and around it. Before taking up photography, Kajioka studied fine art in the United States and Canada. Her photographic work grew out of a drawing practice, echoing photography’s literal etymology as a way of drawing with light. The empty spaces in her carefully exposed, toned and hand-finished silver gelatin prints are as important as the subjects that emerge from the delicate surfaces and invite the viewer to complete the picture through their own mind’s eye view. The book form has been central to her work since the beginning and in 2019 she received the prestigious Prix Nadar for her latest book So it goes. 

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