The Photographers’ Gallery is pleased to present a selection of work from Gohar Dashti’s (b.1980, Iran) celebrated series Home at the 2022 edition of Photo London. 


Gohar Dashti was born in Ahvaz, a city in southwestern Iran, in the early years of the Iranian revolution. Her large-scale, conceptual photographic work draws upon her experiences growing up during the Iran-Iraq war. Rooted in ideas of connection to, and disconnection from, her own home, Dashti’s images are equally charged with universal ideas of displacement, migration, and belonging. Meticulously constructing singular, often surreal, scenes, her process can be likened to that of a film-maker, creating visual meditations on the effects of geo-political conflict, and what is left behind. 


Plants and flora take up residence in the empty domestic spaces that make up Dashti’s 2017 series Home. Set in a series of abandoned homes in Mashdad, she fills the empty spaces with multi-coloured flowers, coarse earth, and elegant reeds; each deliberately selected to resonate in their new surroundings. Through these interventions, Dashti examines the natural world as related to humanity’s movements through it. Though the homes’ residents are long gone, these new, natural inhabitants echo their presence, and hint at onward journeys. Dashti’s carefully-constructed tableaux are a striking reminder of the persistence of nature to exist, and survive, as we move on, or are moved on, from that which was once ‘home.’