"Pictures should always convey a positive, good feeling, something which makes people happy, which makes them smile, which makes them appreciate some tenderness."

John Hinde (1916-1997, UK) was famous for his vivid photographs of Great Britain and Ireland at leisure in the late 1960 and 70s. He became well-known for his thoroughly planned shoots and distinct nostalgic aesthetic that greatly influenced the art of postcard photography. Setting up John Hinde Limited, he trained a studio of photographers; David Noble, Joan Willis, Elmar Ludwig and Edmund Nägele to work meticulously to his style and vision. The studio went on to produce this famous collection of colour photographs which were used as postcards promoting tourism in the UK. During this period, the John Hinde Studio sold millions of postcards worldwide. Recognising the artistic value of the photographs, the Irish Museum of Modern Art presented a retrospective of Hinde's work in 1993. The work from the John Hinde studio has also been compiled into many book publications. 

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