‘Regardless of their scale, in reality, all these things are of equal significance when lined up in my mind.’ 

Mari Mahr (b. 1941, Chile) was brought up and educated in Santiago and in Budapest, Hungary. Trained as a photojournalist, she developed a different photographic approach when she moved to London in 1972. Her work is deeply personal and autobiographical, yet addresses universal human concerns regarding where it is that each of us comes from, and where it is that we each belong. Mahr's photographs focus upon found objects, often those that hold personal, historical or symbolic meaning. These elements are brought together in constructed scenes that connect with notions of dream and memory and offer a glimpse into the workings of human thought and perception. Her first solo exhibition took place at the Photographers' Gallery in London in 1977 and her work has since been exhibited in over 60 shows worldwide and is held in numerous important collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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