"I have always been struck by the omnipresence of nature and the vastness of uninhabited space in this area, and by looking at failed attempts to settle, these images aim to explore the tension between nature and inhabitation."


Martina Lindqvist (b. 1981, Finland) often draws inspiration from childhood memories of places where she grew up and visited as a child in Finland. Lindqvist's unsettlingly still landscapes have the quality of an illusion, hovering somewhere between reality and the imagination. To emphasise a sense of isolation and loneliness and to better reflect her own perceptions, Lindqvist uses digital manipulation, with which she removes traces of surrounding life from her compositions. Lindqvist has exhibited in the UK, Europe and India, she was the winner of Flash Forward: Emerging Photographers Award in 2010, The Jerwood Photography Awards in 2008 and was shortlisted for the IPG Terry O'Neill Award in 2008.

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