“What’s really interesting to me [about photographs] is that they’re like a time machine. When I go out I’m actually looking for the past, the recent past, something that’s going to set off a trigger in me like, ‘That’s the last time anyone’s going to see that.’ Sometimes it’s obvious, you’ve got the dinosaur eating the building and then it’s gone.”

English photographer Chris Dorley-Brown (b. 1958, UK) has been living and working in the East End of London for over three decades. Having trained as a printer, he joined Red Saunders' studio as a camera assistant before developing his own photographic practice focusing on East London's ever-changing environment. Dorley-Brown's documentary photographs are made up from multiple exposures in post-production, combining fiction and reality and creating images that consist of  multiple 'decisive moments'. Suspended in time his creations become symbols of permanence and the ephemeral.

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