"I wanted to express some more complex ideas, mainly examining the transition period in Eastern Europe…The spectacle of the landscape in Romania, sometimes untouched, sometimes being pillaged and destroyed by the political regimes, kept returning to my mind. I had to represent a parallel story about the political changes there."


Tamas Dezso (b. 1978, Budapest) has been documenting rapidly disappearing worlds in both his native Hungary and neighbouring Romania. Having worked as a photojournalist, Deszo began focusing on his own work in 2009 starting two photographic series that he is best known for today: Here, Anywhere and Notes for an Epilogue. Carefully balancing fine art photography and traditional photojournalism, Dezso portrays universal phenomena such as physical and intellectual isolation, survival and demise. While presenting reality he admittedly incorporates another dimension in his work generating extra meaning. Dezso has enjoyed solo exhibitions and exhibited internationally across the USA, UK, Europe, Australia and China. Important influences are Richard Avedon and Josef Koudelka.

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